SolarWinds asks Edmonton About the Worst IT Support Queries They Get


Ever wondered what the most demanding jobs in terms of dealing with users and it requiring patience the amount that preschool teachers know nothing about. Tell a user one thing today and chances are, they will have dropped the concept by tomorrow noon. We asked SolarWinds, what the many companies using their IT Support systems have experienced as far as weird goes, and we must say, the fun beats the stress. The community around SolarWinds’ products has been kind enough to let us in on some of the hilarious requests they get on a daily basis.

One such hilarious post on the community and loved by a lot of IT professionals is when a user tries to email a business client and fails. While this can be taken as a serious problem with either the network or even hosting provider, users have been known to send these emails to physical addresses. Classic. A lot of these incidents present a tough time for the users who without IT Support Edmonton has perfected delivering, would be at roadblocks as far as productivity is concerned.

After empathising with the users, a lot of consideration has to be placed in that the smallest of technical problems all have a tendency of blowing out of proportion when they happen to users. IT support in Edmonton sure has it work cut out, they actually wake up to this and other issues. Their salaries are worth the trouble I guess.

On with the list, just recently, one user had this to say when faced with a somewhat familiar problem. That of a computer set coming with a small box written ‘mouse’ on the outside. It seems we take a lot of things for granted when it comes to computing terms. Guaranteed a few more training sessions are needed to get everyone up to speed with peripherals and the fact that the mouse won’t go anywhere once you open the box.

Asked how they seem to know just about everything as opposed to what the users exhibited, technical support personnel confirmed that all they know has been overtime dealing with the same issues. A problem with a Microsoft application or any for that matter usually comes with an error code; which by the way tells you how to resolve the problem.

No computer problem, big or small, is totally new and unique to you. IT support Edmonton has been solving your case well before you experienced it and are sure capable of doing it over again. The entire report on possible requests from everyday computer users can scare you and likely show you why hackers have it easy to breach their computers.

The recent discoveries of harmful software and the damage it can inflict on companies is cause for any company to invest big bucks into the knowledge needed by their company. Even the most confident of users need a refresher course now and again to stay in the know of the latest trends. They work with computers right? Let’s get them to speed with the computers then.

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