Softchoice managed IT Solutions Toronto gets a new Snr Vice President to charge People & Growth

Softchoice – Managed IT Solutions Provider in Toronto

A successful provider of managed IT solutions Toronto like Teskostudio knows all too well, Softchoice, has today announced a new VP of People and Growth in Kelly Breedon. Her new title and set of acquired burdens will take effect from the second day of May 2016. Her track record in human resources departments makes her the best fit for talent acquiring, and forward minded developmental strategies for the IT services companies Toronto . Softchoice has been elected for best service awards for back to back years, and their most recent move is one that makes certain the trend doesn’t drop in 2016.

The chief executive officer of SoftChoice, David MacDonald, expressed confidence in her abilities and passion for what the company has been working to accomplish in the IT industry. Her ability to bring out the best in all employees will be a core competence that drives the company towards more success stories, for both themselves and their clients. She brings more than two decades of human resource management earned across the United States of America and several executive positions in companies across Canada.

Her portfolio includes industry giants the likes of Coca-cola, Marsulex Inc, and Dell, with recent excellent execution of duties at Ricoh Canada. She has earned a B.Arts degree from the University of Toronto, where she studied Political Science and Economics. Her desire for human resource understanding led her through a Masters degree in Industrial Relations, which she completed at Queen’s University. Her other obligations, which she handles with as much grace as that which earned her the current appointment, include being an active member of the board of Girls .Inc.

Talent acquisition is as much a burden for software solutions as is retention, she will have her job well cut out as she joins working for an industry with a track record of the toughest employee bounce rates. However she will have eleven years of consecutive recognition as the best place to work for as added advantage to build from. A multitude of nearly 1500 employees will be her responsibility, and their welfare will be key determinant of how the company performs in the years to come. The legacy it has attained so far is worth carrying forward as the company grows. It is alleged that even past employees have in the past voted for them as the best place anyone in the IT industry in Canada could work for.

The services that have made Softchoice in the past as it grew, include the well sought after cloud services, implementations of solutions they design for clients, distribution of hardware with a touch of cost minimization as well as IT assets management. Their name, derived from the human touch included across the spectrum of services they deploy at client locations, resonate with how they have ended up as the choice for more than a thousand companies across the Americas. We could safely say all that and the company’s future are now in her hands.

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