How to Manage Custom Software

It is difficult for companies to survive in a competitive market without the right technology. Nevertheless, the kind of technology that one company needs varies from another. Still, companies can go for off-the-shelf or customised software marketing. If the company’s software development services consist of custom software development, there are distinct services that it requires which off-the-shelf software will not serve.


Tailored Software Development Services

The first difficult task when a company wants custom software is to select a firm that is up to the task. There is the bidding process, agreeing on the price and support, which have to be handled. The firm also needs to evaluate the business needs and the scope of work required.

The firm should be flexible and able to work with the business to meet its needs. The firm should further be able to offer the following services depending on the needs of the organisation:

  • Software development from scratch
  • Amend existing software
  • Incorporate other software and hardware
  • Add required functionality to the software
  • Handle upgrades
  • Migrate databases
  • Include Voice over Internet Protocol technologies
  • Connect enterprise business applications

Positives of Custom Software

Custom software exactly fits the need of your company and increases the level of productivity. It addresses the internal needs specific to the company and therefore improves efficiency. It is a smart option when the needs of your organisation are inimitable.

Negatives of Custom Software

Custom software requires a significant capital injection to design, implement and support. The cost of development of custom software is huge. In contrast, off-the-shelf software is significantly inexpensive since the cost of development is spread across several companies.

There are also risks with custom software where the end product may fail to be exactly what the business wanted. Furthermore, changing the requirements during development is disadvantageous and can exponential increase the cost of development.

Managing Customer Software Development

Custom software development involves creating software for specific users, and it address particular needs. The software is therefore unique to and only useful to the specific company. For such projects, it is important to track the activities starting from planning, development, and implementation, all the way to support.

You can get firms that can help you control this process for efficiency and optimal business value. You benefit from project management services that help the project run smoothly from beginning to end. You are further able to manage all your relationships with all stakeholders. In addition, they keep track of expiration times, support contracts and licenses.

They help you get the best software for your organisation and one that meets the user’s requirements. This is important because the custom software needs to fit all your needs.

During the project management, they provide direction and help coordinate the efforts of the developers, graphic designers, testers, analysts and technical writers. They manage all resources so that work is done in proper sequence with minimal time and money.

They help you manage the project scope which is critical. They control the changes relative to the whole project. Furthermore, they are key in resolving issues that arise during the software development. You can encounter challenges from staffing changes, external vendor delays, business process changes, which all affect the budget and software. They ensure the project runs smoothly to completion. Similarly, they form the single point of contact and oversee all aspects of the project.

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Computer IT Services One can Trust

IT-SupportMost people think of computer servicing and repair is the same way we do to cars. It can be a bizarre but a crucial sense of trust to your pc with just anyone. Hiring the wrong computer repair person is the worst thing that can ever happen to anyone through regrets by putting you in a bad spot while trusting nobody can even be worse. Computer malfunction can cause stress and anxiety. Most people wonder whether they can retrieve important documents, photos, videos and more from their computers.

Manufacturers spend billions each and every year on designing, marketing and advertising their products but not many are willing to spend the money it takes to ensure their products hold up after making sales. Instead they leave the burden to they leave their clients to suffer with the problems. Consumers should be guarded when it comes to seeking technical support from their computers.

The Alaska computer guy

The Alaska computer guy is licensed and ensured to operate as a business, they value the respect its clients’ confidential information It is proud to offer the Alaskan quality is reliable, affordable and a business associate in Alaska they are able to make the experience as easy as possible if not they will suggest an alternative solution to get to homes and offices back to the working conditions.

The Charles IT company

The Charles IT companies have different requirements when it comes to their computers. Other organizations may run several hundreds of machines and use them for all their communications.

Hp-ux is a trusted computing company that provides software support for hardware-enforced key provides a low cost embedded security option in selected integrity comprises of a kernel driver, an industrial standard trusted computing company and a utility for on-demand encryption and description of user selected files and directories.

The Qatar computer support toronto serves all of their clients both enterprise as well as SMB sectors, they represent a number of technologies such as cisco. They offer a broad spectrum of enterprise IT products, solutions and services.


The trusted pc man provides their customers with a retail outlet. There main aim is to take stress away from their clients by offering them a reliable support channels to be able to communicate in within a least possible time frame. They support clients from homes in removing virus and the entire computer cleansing, support businesses from all networks and servers, they also provide solutions for large residential properties, hotels businesses and all outdoor locations where a standard Wi-Fi equipment cannot succeed.

In conclusion, with trusted computing, the computer will behave in its expected rightful ways which will be enforced by computer hardware and software. Trusted computing is controversial as the hardware is not only secured for a specific owner. Chip manufactures intel and AMD hardware manufacturers all plan to include trusted computing in coming generation of products. One of the main obstacles that had to be overcome by developers of IT was how to maintain anonymity while still providing a trusted platform.

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As enterprise mobility expands, so too will the resources required to support and manage IT Company

While many businesses may naturally feel reticent about turning their mobility management over to a third party provider, it may nevertheless be the most prudent course of action. Mobility is key to the success of companies today, yet it is a highly complex and specialized industry. The fact is that most organizations are lacking the resources and expertise to manage it themselves. With the expansion of enterprise mobility, the resources necessary for its support and management also increase dramatically. So it’s no wonder that many firms are finding that they can no longer cope with it all in-house and are starting to outsource some or all of the management of their mobility infrastructure. There are a number of reasons why IT should consider managed mobility services. Here we look at some of the major factors requiring consideration.

When a IT company  edmonton outsources their mobility services they can benefit with assistance with acquiring, providing and supporting mobile devices and get the essential help with the strategic planning required by mobility initiatives. Vendors of enterprise mobility have optimized their offerings, delivering them as managed services.

IT Company

In order to appreciate the benefits of outsourcing to a managed service it is important to track all of the financial effects of mobility deployment. Spending on hardware accounts of the majority of a mobile IT budget, while considerable amounts are also spent on managing traditional help desk and support amenities, training and consultancy with a lesser amount spent on both software and telecommunications.

Organizations must determine whether or not outsourcing will cut the support costs and also whether it will improve internal employees’ opinions of the company’s IT department. At the highest level, outsourcing to a managed service often means that the expense of managing and deploying a mobile environment is reduced significantly.

There have been many management providers who have been providing a wide range of support services for some considerable time. Mobile hardware support, fee based IT support and break/fix assistance have all been offered by vertical specific solution providers, communications service providers and large systems integrators for years, yet in recent times, all of these have now moved into offering EMM services (enterprise mobility management). This enables them to improve the speed of device enrollment while complementing the established processes for repair and traditional help desk arrangements.

Very few IT departments have acquired an expertise in mobility, and there are even fewer who view mobility provision as essential to their business success.

It is difficult to integrate the existing processes of business, databases and back end systems with today’s mobile platforms, and companies that need this sort of tight integration soon find out that the development of customized applications is the best way to fit their needs as custom apps enable developers to easily connect back end systems with apps. It takes a huge amount of specialist skills as well as additional software to develop these kinds of apps, and even the biggest and most highly sophisticated companies probably lack the mobile knowledge to develop, integrate and design these mobile applications. Even those that do find that the whole process is very time consuming and expensive.

Those who make IT decisions for companies have to determine whether or not to purchase and integrate mobile apps in-house or whether they should outsource the task. When they consider the constraints placed on budgets, it can provide highly attractive to save money through outsourcing.

All this said, there is a price associated with trusting third party management companies, and this is losing control. Some companies argue that the problem with outsourcing is that IT departments have probably built a competency around the essential technologies that support their core business, yet there are very few IT departments that have the necessary expertise to deal with it.

Using a third party reduces the difficulty of securing and managing mobile deployments and assists IT departments to deliver the essential service levels to maintain business critical mobility.

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Choose the Best Computer Hardware Components

Setting up a computer is more than just plugging in a monitor, CPU and hardwares. Depending on the purpose of the computer, each component should be setup in harmony to one another, taking advantage and prioritizing based on what you need. Given the rate at which technology evolves, it is always a smart option to get the best and latest available components to be compatible to relevant elements for a longer period of time. A computer has a lot of components to consider, starting from hardwares, softwares, applications and overall integration of all the components. Thus, picking the best ones is crucial to make sure that you can keep up with all the latest versions and features of other relevant elements.

When it comes to setting up a computer support philadelphia system, there are certain priorities to consider. Firstly, what are you going to using it for? Is it a personal system? A home system? A gaming rig? For sound or video productions? Or to sustain a server system? Whichever it is, it is helpful to know so you can plan on which hardware parts to prioritize on according to budget, as they all have different needs and requirements. Here’s to give you an overall gist to get started.


A Basic System: A very simple setup, just some good parts from trustable brands

A Home System: Prioritizing multitasking by different members, the setup primarily requires good RAM and a multi-core processor.

A Gaming System: Requires a combination of compatible components such as good processor, motherboard, RAM, hard-drive, graphics card and cooling systems.

Sound/ Video Mixing: A decent processor, RAM, good graphics card, lot of hard drive capacity and a solid sound card.

A Server System: Doesn’t require much, a good processor with high RAM and hard drive storage such as 1TB would be enough.

Lastly, if none of these are specific to your need and you are simply looking to build the best computer possible within your budget, getting the latest versions can be a good start. While they might be expensive at times, they can certain help you get setup for a foreseeable future. However, it might not always be wise to get the absolute latest as there might be bugs and hidden issues involved. So, one must also take into careful consideration whether a hardware’s performance has been tested and proven.

Taking all these factors into consideration, you can move on to picking your hardware components with the right priority. We provide you with a basic checklist to follow:

Computer Hardware Checklist

1. Picking the CPU and Motherboard:

While building a computer, the first and foremost priority should be given into picking the processor and a compatible motherboard. Intel and AMD are the market leaders, and you must choose one also considering their socket types. Socket types are important to match the processor with motherboard. The best option here, is to simply get the best processor you can afford, along with the latest compatible motherboard with matching sockets. Check out some expert reviews and benchmark sites for an idea of what’s new and hot in the market.

2. Choosing RAM Memory:

Your RAM is an essential part of your computer that will ultimately decide how fast and smooth the computer runs. With the latest DD4 RAMs being out and the prices falling reasonably low, 8GB RAM has become the new benchmark. Given that your motherboard has enough DIMM slots, you can go for combinations such as 2x4GB or 4x2GB, and if the budget and slot allows, maybe even 4x4GB or 4x8GB. RAMs have some certain features such as timings and speeds that can be a bit confusing to figure out. The best way to get some clarity is to actually go to the Manufacturer’s Websites where you will find helpful comparison charts and tools to help you decide which memory best matches your CPU and Motherboard.

3. Choosing Hard Drive:

The hard drive capacity you should get can vary depending on your need and budget. With portable hard drives now being readily available and affordable, it is not necessary that you must have a high capacity hard drive. Just to be on the safe side you can start with a 500GB or 1TB hard-drive, unless you are setting up a server system or high production system. You will always have the flexibility to use a portable one to easily expand. However it is always safe to ensure your internal hard drive space is more than enough to let the system files run smoothly.

4. Selecting graphics card and sound card:

Unless you are looking for hardcore gaming adventures or studio based production works, your graphics card and sound card doesn’t have to be the best one out there. Depending on your use and need, you can pick between some solid Nvidia or AMD graphic cards. From the basic 1GB or 2GB to massive powerhouses such as 4GB Nvidia Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 or even the 8GB beast GeForce Titan X. Make sure that it is compatible to the motherboard, and check out some user reviews and comparison videos in needed. Take into note its power consumption and cooling solutions to be extra sure.

5. Power Supply and cooling system:

If your computer is a high configured one, it is very likely that it will consuming moderate power and would require a cooling solution. Make sure that your casing is ready to store all on these and has sufficient cooling fans to hold. You don’t want to run the risk to slowing down your performance or even cause breakdown due to overheating. Take everything into consideration from monitor, processor to graphics card. If you have some budget to spare, chip in a backup system too.

6. Getting the small things right:

Once you have all the major components locked down. Your remaining budget can be allocated among all the other remaining components such as the speaker, mouse, keyboard, DVD ROM etc. Try to stick to top popular ones by trustable brands and you will be fine to go.

Following this guide, hopefully you now have a good grasp on how to proceed to acquire the best computer hardware system setup for you. Take into account what you need and then allocate your budget in the suggested order. You will have one of the most latest and best system running in no time.

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Disaster Recovery Test Management Baltimore

Public safety is very significant. The National Weather Service and MEMA work hand in hand with the local government in order to monitor the causes of these natural disasters in order to curb them. By close monitoring, they are able to be prepared for the natural disasters and hence coordinate with the relevant authorities for effective control.

Whether it’s to plan your entire organization’s IT infrastructure or prepare ahead for disaster recovery solutions, our team of IT experts will ensure the best plan to strategically move your business forward. Through our IT consulting services in Baltimore like Mtextbox, we will ensure that your all your technical difficulties and challenges are simplified.

The disaster test management in Baltimore includes some of the best practices in emergency management for the response of such activities.

Disaster recovery is also included with some other related topics of public safety.

it disaster recovery test management baltimore

Some of the worst disasters that have ever been experienced include flooding, tornadoes, damaging winds, hail and lighting storms, earthquakes, tsunamis. Most of the distance that have occurred lately are weather related.

During the disaster recovery test management in Baltimore, the residents were advised on some of the basic and major steps to undertake during such incidents. They include:

In order to prevent drowning at the occurrence of flooding, it is wise to avoid taking areas over the roadside where the pavement cannot be located. This are majorly the areas that might lead to one drowning as the level of water in such places might be too deep.

The weather service might announce the approach of a thunderstorm. In such cases, it is always advisable for one to take shelter indoors and avoid going outside or anywhere near the windows because of the strong winds and the fatal lightings that are common with thunderstorms.

Tornadoes, are also a natural disaster that can be faced though usually not very common. If you hear about the occurrence of a tornado and has not reached your vicinity yet, the best thing to do is to take shelter as soon as possible and head straight to the lowest floor possible in your house such as the basement.

Fatal lightings are a major thunder related natural disasters. Most of the lightning causalities are normally people who are found outdoors during the occurrence of thunder. If a thunder gets you inside, the best thing to do is to get inside the nearest building or inside the car as this will protect you from the lurking danger.

Over the recent past, severe storms have been the most prevalent natural disasters. Therefore, protective measures have been put forward to help residents from the dangers of the occurrence. They include:

Always stay indoors and far away from the windows or glass doors to prevent being struck by lightning. Tornadoes may also be associated with severe storms and the best action to take if your housed lacks a basement is to the center of the most interior room in your house and at a place that is far away from windows, corners or walls that are also the outside walls of your house.

Another precaution measure is to ensure that your phone is always fully charged begin the storms begin so that when there are power outages that usually result from power outages, you can easily contact help. Also, be sure of who to contact in the occurrence of such incidences.

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Softchoice managed IT Solutions Toronto gets a new Snr Vice President to charge People & Growth

Softchoice – Managed IT Solutions Provider in Toronto

A successful provider of managed IT solutions Toronto like Teskostudio knows all too well, Softchoice, has today announced a new VP of People and Growth in Kelly Breedon. Her new title and set of acquired burdens will take effect from the second day of May 2016. Her track record in human resources departments makes her the best fit for talent acquiring, and forward minded developmental strategies for the IT services companies Toronto . Softchoice has been elected for best service awards for back to back years, and their most recent move is one that makes certain the trend doesn’t drop in 2016.

Managed IT Solutions Toronto

The chief executive officer of SoftChoice, David MacDonald, expressed confidence in her abilities and passion for what the company has been working to accomplish in the IT industry. Her ability to bring out the best in all employees will be a core competence that drives the company towards more success stories, for both themselves and their clients. She brings more than two decades of human resource management earned across the United States of America and several executive positions in companies across Canada.

Her portfolio includes industry giants the likes of Coca-cola, Marsulex Inc, and Dell, with recent excellent execution of duties at Ricoh Canada. She has earned a B.Arts degree from the University of Toronto, where she studied Political Science and Economics. Her desire for human resource understanding led her through a Masters degree in Industrial Relations, which she completed at Queen’s University. Her other obligations, which she handles with as much grace as that which earned her the current appointment, include being an active member of the board of Girls .Inc.

Talent acquisition is as much a burden for software solutions as is retention, she will have her job well cut out as she joins working for an industry with a track record of the toughest employee bounce rates. However she will have eleven years of consecutive recognition as the best place to work for as added advantage to build from. A multitude of nearly 1500 employees will be her responsibility, and their welfare will be key determinant of how the company performs in the years to come. The legacy it has attained so far is worth carrying forward as the company grows. It is alleged that even past employees have in the past voted for them as the best place anyone in the IT industry in Canada could work for.

The services that have made Softchoice in the past as it grew, include the well sought after cloud services, implementations of solutions they design for clients, distribution of hardware with a touch of cost minimization as well as IT assets management. Their name, derived from the human touch included across the spectrum of services they deploy at client locations, resonate with how they have ended up as the choice for more than a thousand companies across the Americas. We could safely say all that and the company’s future are now in her hands.

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SolarWinds asks Edmonton About the Worst IT Support Queries They Get


Ever wondered what the most demanding jobs in terms of dealing with users and it requiring patience the amount that preschool teachers know nothing about. Tell a user one thing today and chances are, they will have dropped the concept by tomorrow noon. We asked SolarWinds, what the many companies using their IT Support systems have experienced as far as weird goes, and we must say, the fun beats the stress. The community around SolarWinds’ products has been kind enough to let us in on some of the hilarious requests they get on a daily basis.

One such hilarious post on the community and loved by a lot of IT professionals is when a user tries to email a business client and fails. While this can be taken as a serious problem with either the network or even hosting provider, users have been known to send these emails to physical addresses. Classic. A lot of these incidents present a tough time for the users who without IT Support Edmonton has perfected delivering, would be at roadblocks as far as productivity is concerned.

After empathising with the users, a lot of consideration has to be placed in that the smallest of technical problems all have a tendency of blowing out of proportion when they happen to users. IT support in Edmonton sure has it work cut out, they actually wake up to this and other issues. Their salaries are worth the trouble I guess.

On with the list, just recently, one user had this to say when faced with a somewhat familiar problem. That of a computer set coming with a small box written ‘mouse’ on the outside. It seems we take a lot of things for granted when it comes to computing terms. Guaranteed a few more training sessions are needed to get everyone up to speed with peripherals and the fact that the mouse won’t go anywhere once you open the box.


Asked how they seem to know just about everything as opposed to what the users exhibited, technical support personnel confirmed that all they know has been overtime dealing with the same issues. A problem with a Microsoft application or any for that matter usually comes with an error code; which by the way tells you how to resolve the problem.

No computer problem, big or small, is totally new and unique to you. IT support Edmonton has been solving your case well before you experienced it and are sure capable of doing it over again. The entire report on possible requests from everyday computer users can scare you and likely show you why hackers have it easy to breach their computers.

The recent discoveries of harmful software and the damage it can inflict on companies is cause for any company to invest big bucks into the knowledge needed by their company. Even the most confident of users need a refresher course now and again to stay in the know of the latest trends. They work with computers right? Let’s get them to speed with the computers then.

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